We protect your brand name from Enschede and Heerenveen

Protecting your brand is very important. We therefore recommend that you register your trademark at all times. This will prevent others from claiming your brand name or taking advantage of the success you achieve with your brand. After all, it is not for nothing that you are building a positive association with your brand name while you are doing business. Your products and services stand out from the competition because they are associated with your brand. By legally recording this in a trademark law, whereby you record your brand name, you retain the exclusivity you want. For the rates of a trademark registration in the EU or the Benelux, see our Trademark tariffs page..

You are not protected without a trademark registration

You can still use such a well-functioning trademark, however without registering your trademark your trademark is not protected. Brand name registration gives you the exclusive right to use your brand name for the products and / or services you offer. Others are not allowed to use your brand name and therefore cannot benefit from the efforts you have made to make the brand big. A comforting thought.

Register the brand name with the Chamber of Commerce

A registration with the CoC (Chamber of Commerce) is not the same as a trademark registration. You can register a trade name with the Chamber of Commerce, which gives you some protection in the industry and region where you work. This also only applies to your company name, not to the products you offer. However, in order to be protected against misuse of your brand name and for the products you offer outside this sector and region, it is necessary to be registered in the Benelux trademark register, the European trademark register or the international trademark register or trademark registers in other countries where you are active.

Register brand name: different classes

Wanneer u uw merknaam wilt vastleggen moet u altijd aangeven voor welke producten en/of diensten u uw merk wilt beschermen. These products and services are presented in precisely specified classes. The classification is critical because if you register in the wrong class, you are sometimes not protected against the use of your brand name by another person. Inaday provides this classification for you. In consultation with you, we arrive at the optimal description and trademark registration to guarantee the ultimate protection for your trademark.

Where does a trademark registration apply?

In general, we advise you to register your trademark in the country where you are located and where your main market opportunities lie.

A trademark registration depends on the countries where you want to register your trademark, with each trademark register using its own registration procedure. Consider, for example, registration in the Benelux trademark register, the European trademark register or the international trademark register. In consultation with you, we will draw up optimal country coverage, with the associated registration procedure.

Registering a brand name in the Benelux

In the Benelux, brand names are registered in the Benelux trademark register of the BOIP: the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. If you are located in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg, we advise you to register your brand name here anyway, even if you also register it in the European register. This has to do with the risks from other European countries and a safe position of your brand name in the home registration.

Brand name registration in the European Union

The registration of a trademark in the European Union is also referred to as an EU trademark. Hereby you enjoy protection of your trademark in all countries within the European Union. The registration of a trademark is relatively cheap here, but this does not necessarily apply to the protection and maintenance of this registration. That is why it is important to carefully consider in which countries you want to register your trademark, so that an informed decision can be made for registration. Inaday is happy to discuss with you in which countries and classes you can best record your brand name.

Brand name registration International

There is no fully global brand name registry. However, your trademark can be registered through the system of International trademark registrations at WIPO in Geneva. Many countries are affiliated to this, including many important countries, such as the USA, China, Australia, Japan and Canada. Individual registrations must be made for countries that cannot be included in an International trademark registration with WIPO. It is important to look carefully in which countries and for which classification you register your brand name, we can of course advise you.

How long is a trademark registration valid?

A trademark registration is valid for a fixed period. In most cases and countries, the registration of your brand name is valid for 10 years. After each period, the trademark right can be renewed for a new period. We will inform you well in advance when the registration period of your brand name expires. It is important to see whether the trademark right is still sufficiently up-to-date, or whether adjustments are needed in the classificati A lot can change in 10 years. Consider, for example, expanding or limiting your product range.

Registration costs of a trademark

The costs for registering your trademark depend on the registration area. Your brand name can be registered in the Benelux, European Union and internationally, but brand names can also be registered in individual countries. The costs in the Benelux for a trademark registration start at € 675 and in the European register at € 1,500. The costs of an international trademark registration differ per country in which you want to register your trademark and vary from €300,- to 1.400,-.Click here for an explanation of the rates for registering your trademark.

Check availability of brand name

One of the requirements if you want to register your brand name is of course that this brand name has not yet been registered You obviously do not want to infringe on someone else’s trademark law. In the trademark register of the BOIP Benelux Office for Intellectual Property you can find out whether your trademark name has already been claimed in the Benelux, see here. In the trademark register of the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) you can see whether your trademark is already registered in the European Union, search the register here.

What can you protect besides your brand name?

In addition to registering your brand name, you can register other matters relating to your brand, products and / or services. In fact, any way in which you attribute distinctive features to your products and services can be protected as a trademark. Words, logos (think of the three-stripe motif of Adidas), color schemes (for example the red / yellow of Shell), design (think of the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle) and sounds (think of the melody used in Nationale Nederlanden commercials) : they are all eligible for trademark protection. Inaday can advise you on protecting various aspects of your brand. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Do you want to register your brand name?

We are happy to advise you. Request a free quote or contact us. Curious about the costs? Calculate a cost estimate with our cost calculator.

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