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Did you come up with a unique solution, a real market opportunity? By protecting your invention or idea through patent right you will have the exclusive right to use your invention. Others cannot market the same or a similar invention without your permission. Your technical capabilities and creative efforts will get the appreciation they deserve with a patent right.

Patent right rates

A patent right gives the inventor of a technical product or process the ownership of that invention. The unique technical ideas of an invention are protected by patent law and others may not use, sell, import or imitate the invention without permission. With patent law you are free to show your idea or product worldwide, to sell it, to make contact with other parties without jeopardizing your protection.

The Dutch government agency Octrooicentrum Nederland (OCNL) has three important requirements that an invention must meet. In order to apply for and obtain a patent, the invention must be new, inventive and industrially applicable. If it meets these three requirements, the patent can be granted by the OCNL.

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Costs patent application

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What are the rates for a patent?

At Inaday you can apply for Dutch patent protection for € 6,474.- excluding VAT. This includes an opinion on the official novelty search report. The patent applications meet all the high requirements of the Order of Patent Attorneys.

We have special discount vouchers for starting entrepreneurs to give them a boost. For details, see: Searchvoucher (€ 995 excl. VAT) and Innovation Voucher (€ 4.500 excl. VAT)

Curious about the specific rates of a patent? Use our Patent Cost Calculator for a quick overview based on your needs.

Step-by-step plan to apply for a patent

The steps for applying for a patent right are further specified below.

1. Introduction

During a free conversation at our office in Enschede or Heerenveen, or via telephone or video connection, we will discuss with you whether your invention qualifies for patent protection. During the conversation you can explain your invention to us, for example on the basis of a prototype, film, a sketch or just an oral explanation. In any case, we will continue to ask questions until we understand what it is all about.

2. Preliminary novelty search

A preliminary novelty search can be conducted to gain insight into whether your invention qualifies for the patent application. In this research, we search a specialized database for publications in the field of the invention and provide an estimate of the possibilities for a patent application for your invention. The costs for an optional exploratory novelty search are € 1.225,- excluding VAT.

3. Writing the patent application

Before a patent right can be applied for, a patent application must be written. A patent application consists of a description explaining the state of the art and the invention. Writing the text is specialist work and we do it for you on the basis of the information we receive from you. Inaday is a specialist with many years of experience in applying for patent rights. We can even write your request within one working day, if necessary. For questions, see our article: “In one day: how is it possible?”. The fees for writing a patent application are as follows:

  • € 5,600,- excluding VAT. We will deliver the first draft within 10 working days

If desired, we can also deliver the first concept faster, for a surcharge.

  • The surcharge is 10% for delivering the first concept within 3 working days
  • The surcharge is 20% for delivering the first concept within 1 working day

4. Filing of the patent application

As soon as you agree with the text of the patent application, the patent is applied for at the Dutch Patent Office or the European Patent Office. The fees for filing a patent application are as follows:

  • € 874 at the Dutch Patent Office (including an official international novelty search)
  • € 1,595 at the European Patent Office  (including an official international novelty search)

Instantly protected

Your invention is protected from the moment your patent application is filed. After submission, you have one year to investigate the potential of your invention and arrange further protection. The protection is valid worldwide, provided you submit further applications in the different countries within one year.

The Dutch Patent Office or the European Patent Office makes the official novelty research report available after 6 to 9 months. For €1350, we provide advice on this report from the patent-granting authority. Additionally, we will include your invention in our monitoring system from that point onwards and periodically report to you on patent applications published after the filing date, keeping you informed about your competition's activities in patent protection. The monitoring service is free for the first year. One year after the patent application filing date, this monitoring will automatically renew annually at a cost of EUR 495 per year.

Want to know more about patent rates?

You can apply for a Dutch patent for €6,474.- excluding VAT. For submission in other countries or the further course of a European patent application contact us.

Would you like more information about the rates of a patent? In a no-obligation meeting at our office in Enschede, Heerenveen or Zwolle, we will discuss with you whether your invention qualifies for patent protection and what the further process will be.

Register patent

You have invented, a great idea or improved an existing product and you want to apply for a patent. With a patent application you can record technical ideas if they are new and inventive. By registering a patent, you ensure that you file a claim on the world, so that you are free to show your idea or product, to sell it, to make contact with other parties, without jeopardizing your further protection.

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