Inaday offers you the unique possibility to have your trademark, invention, logo, product, or service protected within one office day. For this, we provide you with research- and registration services, and we will advise you about how you can best protect your trademark, product or service. This protection can be made up out of three actively applicable rights; patent right, trademark right and/or design right, or a combination of these rights. Our experienced consultants are happy to tell you more about the possibilities of protecting your product or idea. Through patents, trademarks, and designs.

Quickly arranged in 3 steps


Step 1: contact us

You can contact us by telephone, email, or through the contact form on this website. In our first contact we will determine what the best suitable way of protection is for you. It is important that you at least briefly explain what you want to have protected, so that we can quickly advise you about the possibilities. Of course you can also visit us at our offices in Enschede or Heerenveen.


Step 2: confirmation of your order

When it has become clear which tasks have to be executed, we will send an order through e-mail. In this order we will describe the work that we can do for you, and the corresponding costs. To this order there will be an advance invoice attached. We will consider the payment of this invoice as your final order.

During this stage we will also ask you for information like the name and address of the (natural) person or legal entity who will be obtaining the right. Besides that we will ask for information about the product for which the protection is desired, like pictures and further explanations.


Step 3: protection of your trademark, product or service

As soon as we have received your final order, we will make sure that the tasks that are to be done are completed within one business day. This means, for a trademark protection or a design protection, that we will have the trademark or design registered within one day. For a patent protection this means that you will be receiving the draft of the application through email within one day. As soon as you agree with the draft, the application for patent protection can be registered within one to two hours.

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